Ezekiel 16:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H7233 רבבה thee to multiply H6780 כצמח as the bud H7704 השׂדה of the field, H5414 נתתיך I have caused H7235 ותרבי and thou hast increased H1431 ותגדלי and waxen great, H935 ותבאי and thou art come H1157 בעדי   H5716 עדיים to excellent H7699 שׁדים breasts H3559 נכנו are fashioned, H8181 ושׂערך and thine hair H6779 צמח is grown, H859 ואת whereas thou H5903 ערם naked H6181 ועריה׃ and bare.