Ezekiel 16:39

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  39 H5414 ונתתי And I will also give H853 אותך   H3027 בידם thee into their hand, H2040 והרסו and they shall throw down H1354 גבך thine eminent place, H5422 ונתצו and shall break down H7413 רמתיך thy high places: H6584 והפשׁיטו they shall strip H853 אותך   H899 בגדיך thee also of thy clothes, H3947 ולקחו and shall take H3627 כלי jewels, H8597 תפארתך thy fair H3240 והניחוך   H5903 עירם thee naked H6181 ועריה׃ and bare.