Ezekiel 10:11

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  11 H1980 בלכתם When they went, H413 אל upon H702 ארבעת their four H7253 רבעיהם sides; H1980 ילכו they went H3808 לא not H5437 יסבו they turned H1980 בלכתם as they went, H3588 כי but H4725 המקום to the place H834 אשׁר whither H6437 יפנה looked H7218 הראשׁ the head H310 אחריו they followed H1980 ילכו they followed H3808 לא not H5437 יסבו it; they turned H1980 בלכתם׃ as they went.