Exodus 29:9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H2296 וחגרת And thou shalt gird H853 אתם   H73 אבנט them with girdles, H175 אהרן Aaron H1121 ובניו and his sons, H2280 וחבשׁת and put H1992 להם   H4021 מגבעת the bonnets H1961 והיתה shall be H1992 להם   H3550 כהנה on them: and the priest's office H2708 לחקת statute: H5769 עולם theirs for a perpetual H4390 ומלאת and thou shalt consecrate H3027 יד and thou shalt consecrate H175 אהרן Aaron H3027 ויד   H1121 בניו׃ and his sons.