Exodus 28:43

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  43 H1961 והיו And they shall be H5921 על upon H175 אהרן Aaron, H5921 ועל and upon H1121 בניו his sons, H935 בבאם when they come in H413 אל unto H168 אהל the tabernacle H4150 מועד of the congregation, H176 או or H5066 בגשׁתם when they come near H413 אל unto H4196 המזבח the altar H8334 לשׁרת to minister H6944 בקדשׁ in the holy H3808 ולא not H5375 ישׂאו that they bear H5771 עון iniquity, H4191 ומתו and die: H2708 חקת a statute H5769 עולם forever H2233 לו ולזרעו unto him and his seed H310 אחריו׃ after