Exodus 23:24

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  24 H3808 לא Thou shalt not H7812 תשׁתחוה bow down H430 לאלהיהם to their gods, H3808 ולא nor H5647 תעבדם serve H3808 ולא them, nor H6213 תעשׂה do H4639 כמעשׂיהם after their works: H3588 כי but H2040 הרס thou shalt utterly overthrow H2040 תהרסם thou shalt utterly overthrow H7665 ושׁבר them, and quite break down H7665 תשׁבר them, and quite break down H4676 מצבתיהם׃ their images.