Exodus 22:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H3588 כי If H1197 יבער to be eaten, H376 אישׁ a man H7704 שׂדה shall cause a field H176 או or H3754 כרם vineyard H7971 ושׁלח and shall put in H853 את   H1165 בעירה his beast, H1197 ובער and shall feed H7704 בשׂדה field; H312 אחר in another man's H4315 מיטב of the best H7704 שׂדהו of his own field, H4315 ומיטב and of the best H3754 כרמו of his own vineyard, H7999 ישׁלם׃ shall he make restitution.