Exodus 17:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H3027 וידי hands H4872 משׁה But Moses' H3515 כבדים heavy; H3947 ויקחו and they took H68 אבן a stone, H7760 וישׂימו and put H8478 תחתיו under H3427 וישׁב him, and he sat H5921 עליה thereon; H175 ואהרן and Aaron H2354 וחור and Hur H8551 תמכו stayed up H3027 בידיו his hands, H2088 מזה on the one side, H259 אחד the one H2088 ומזה on the other side; H259 אחד and the other H1961 ויהי were H3027 ידיו and his hands H530 אמונה steady H5704 עד until H935 בא the going down H8121 השׁמשׁ׃ of the sun.