Esther 9:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H6965 קימו ordained, H6901 וקבל and took H3064 היהודים The Jews H5921 עליהם upon H5921 ועל them, and upon H2233 זרעם their seed, H5921 ועל and upon H3605 כל all H3867 הנלוים such as joined themselves H5921 עליהם unto H3808 ולא them, so as it should not H5674 יעבור fail, H1961 להיות   H6213 עשׂים that they would keep H853 את   H8147 שׁני two H3117 הימים days H428 האלה these H3791 ככתבם according to their writing, H2165 וכזמנם and according to their H3605 בכל every H8141 שׁנה year; H8141 ושׁנה׃ year;