Esther 7:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H4428 והמלך And the king H6965 קם arising H2534 בחמתו in his wrath H4960 ממשׁתה from the banquet H3196 היין of wine H413 אל into H1594 גנת garden: H1055 הביתן the palace H2001 והמן and Haman H5975 עמד stood up H1245 לבקשׁ to make request H5921 על for H5315 נפשׁו his life H635 מאסתר   H4436 המלכה the queen; H3588 כי for H7200 ראה he saw H3588 כי that H3615 כלתה determined H413 אליו against H7451 הרעה there was evil H854 מאת him by H4428 המלך׃ the king.