Esther 7:4

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  4 H3588 כי For H4376 נמכרנו we are sold, H589 אני I H5971 ועמי and my people, H8045 להשׁמיד to be destroyed, H2026 להרוג to be slain, H6 ולאבד and to perish. H432 ואלו But if H5650 לעבדים for bondmen H8198 ולשׁפחות and bondwomen, H4376 נמכרנו we had been sold H2790 החרשׁתי I had held my tongue, H3588 כי although H369 אין could not H6862 הצר the enemy H7737 שׁוה countervail H5143 בנזק damage. H4428 המלך׃ the king's