Esther 5:11

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  11 H5608 ויספר told H1992 להם   H2001 המן And Haman H853 את   H3519 כבוד them of the glory H6239 עשׁרו of his riches, H7230 ורב and the multitude H1121 בניו of his children, H853 ואת   H3605 כל and all H834 אשׁר wherein H1431 גדלו had promoted H4428 המלך the king H853 ואת   H834 אשׁר him, and how H5375 נשׂאו he had advanced H5921 על him above H8269 השׂרים the princes H5650 ועבדי and servants H4428 המלך׃ of the king.