Esther 5:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H1961 ויהי Now it came to pass H3117 ביום day, H7992 השׁלישׁי on the third H3847 ותלבשׁ put on H635 אסתר that Esther H4438 מלכות royal H5975 ותעמד and stood H2691 בחצר court H1004 בית house, H4428 המלך of the king's H6442 הפנימית in the inner H5227 נכח over against H1004 בית house: H4428 המלך the king's H4428 והמלך and the king H3427 יושׁב sat H5921 על upon H3678 כסא throne H4438 מלכותו his royal H1004 בבית house, H4438 המלכות in the royal H5227 נכח over against H6607 פתח the gate H1004 הבית׃ of the house.