Esther 2:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H1961 ויהי   H539 אמן   H853 את   H1919 הדסה Hadassah, H1931 היא that H635 אסתר Esther, H1323 בת daughter: H1730 דדו his uncle's H3588 כי for H369 אין she had neither H1 לה אב father H517 ואם nor mother, H5291 והנערה and the maid H3303 יפת fair H8389 תאר fair H2896 וטובת and beautiful; H4758 מראה and beautiful; H4194 ובמות were dead, H1 אביה when her father H517 ואמה and mother H3947 לקחה took H4782 מרדכי whom Mordecai, H1323 לו לבת׃ for his own daughter.