Ecclesiastes 4:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H7725 ושׁבתי returned, H589 אני So I H7200 ואראה and considered H853 את   H3605 כל all H6217 העשׁקים the oppressions H834 אשׁר that H6213 נעשׂים are done H8478 תחת under H8121 השׁמשׁ the sun: H2009 והנה and behold H1832 דמעת the tears H6217 העשׁקים of oppressed, H369 ואין and they had no H5162 להם מנחם comforter; H3027 ומיד and on the side H6231 עשׁקיהם of their oppressors H3581 כח power; H369 ואין but they had no H5162 להם מנחם׃ comforter.