Daniel 8:9-13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H4480 ומן And out of H259 האחת one H1992 מהם   H3318 יצא them came forth H7161 קרן horn, H259 אחת a H4704 מצעירה little H1431 ותגדל which waxed exceeding great, H3499 יתר which waxed exceeding great, H413 אל toward H5045 הנגב the south, H413 ואל and toward H4217 המזרח the east, H413 ואל and toward H6643 הצבי׃ the pleasant
  10 H1431 ותגדל And it waxed great, H5704 עד to H6635 צבא the host H8064 השׁמים of heaven; H5307 ותפל and it cast down H776 ארצה to the ground, H4480 מן of H6635 הצבא the host H4480 ומן and of H3556 הכוכבים the stars H7429 ותרמסם׃ and stamped upon
  11 H5704 ועד even to H8269 שׂר the prince H6635 הצבא of the host, H1431 הגדיל Yea, he magnified H4480 וממנו and by H7311 הרים was taken away, H8548 התמיד him the daily H7993 והשׁלך was cast down. H4349 מכון and the place H4720 מקדשׁו׃ of his sanctuary
  12 H6635 וצבא And a host H5414 תנתן was given H5921 על against H8548 התמיד the daily H6588 בפשׁע by reason of transgression, H7993 ותשׁלך and it cast down H571 אמת the truth H776 ארצה to the ground; H6213 ועשׂתה and it practiced, H6743 והצליחה׃ and prospered.
  13 H8085 ואשׁמעה Then I heard H259 אחד one H6918 קדושׁ saint H1696 מדבר speaking, H559 ויאמר said H259 אחד and another H6918 קדושׁ saint H6422 לפלמוני unto that certain H1696 המדבר which spoke, H5704 עד   H4970 מתי   H2377 החזון the vision H8548 התמיד the daily H6588 והפשׁע and the transgression H8074 שׁמם of desolation, H5414 תת to give H6944 וקדשׁ both the sanctuary H6635 וצבא and the host H4823 מרמס׃ to be trodden under foot?