Daniel 8:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H7200 וראיתיו And I saw H5060 מגיע him come close H681 אצל unto H352 האיל the ram, H4843 ויתמרמר and he was moved with anger H413 אליו against H5221 ויך him, and smote H853 את   H352 האיל the ram, H7665 וישׁבר and broke H853 את   H8147 שׁתי his two H7161 קרניו horns: H3808 ולא no H1961 היה and there was H3581 כח power H352 באיל in the ram H5975 לעמד to stand H6440 לפניו before H7993 וישׁליכהו him, but he cast him down H776 ארצה to the ground, H7429 וירמסהו and stamped upon H3808 ולא none H1961 היה him: and there was H5337 מציל that could deliver H352 לאיל the ram H3027 מידו׃ out of his hand.