Daniel 6:24

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  24 H560 ואמר commanded, H4430 מלכא And the king H858 והיתיו and they brought H1400 גבריא men H479 אלך those H1768 די which H399 אכלו had accused H7170 קרצוהי had accused H1768 די   H1841 דניאל   H1358 ולגב into the den H744 אריותא of lions, H7412 רמו and they cast H581 אנון them, H1123 בניהון their children, H5389 ונשׁיהון and their wives; H3809 ולא   H4291 מטו   H773 לארעית at the bottom H1358 גבא of the den. H5705 עד or ever they came H1768 די   H7981 שׁלטו had the mastery H744 בהון אריותא and the lions H3606 וכל   H1635 גרמיהון   H1855 הדקו׃ of them, and broke all their bones in pieces