Daniel 6:23

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  23 H116 באדין Then H4430 מלכא was the king exceeding glad H7690 שׂגיא   H2868 טאב   H5922 עלוהי for H1841 ולדניאל So Daniel H560 אמר him, and commanded H5267 להנסקה was taken up H4481 מן out of H1358 גבא the den. H5267 והסק   H1841 דניאל   H4481 מן out of H1358 גבא the den, H3606 וכל and no manner H2257 חבל of hurt H3809 לא and no manner H7912 השׁתכח was found H1768 בה די upon him, because H540 הימן he believed H426 באלהה׃ in his God.