Daniel 5:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H4481 ומן from H1123 בני the sons H606 אנשׁא of men; H2957 טריד And he was driven H3825 ולבבה and his heart H5974 עם like H2423 חיותא the beasts, H7739 שׁוי was made H5974 ועם with H6167 ערדיא the wild asses: H4070 מדורה and his dwelling H6211 עשׂבא him with grass H8450 כתורין like oxen, H2939 יטעמונה they fed H2920 ומטל with the dew H8065 שׁמיא of heaven; H1655 גשׁמה and his body H6647 יצטבע was wet H5705 עד till H1768 די till H3046 ידע he knew H1768 די that H7990 שׁליט ruled H426 אלהא God H5943 עליא the most high H4437 במלכות in the kingdom H606 אנשׁא of men, H4479 ולמן it whomsoever H1768 די it whomsoever H6634 יצבה he will. H6966 יהקים and he appointeth H5921 עליה׃