Daniel 4:33

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  33 H8160 בה שׁעתא The same hour H4406 מלתא was the thing H5487 ספת fulfilled H5922 על upon H5020 נבוכדנצר Nebuchadnezzar: H4481 ומן from H606 אנשׁא men, H2957 טריד and he was driven H6211 ועשׂבא grass H8450 כתורין as oxen, H399 יאכל and did eat H2920 ומטל with the dew H8065 שׁמיא of heaven, H1655 גשׁמה and his body H6647 יצטבע was wet H5705 עד till H1768 די till H8177 שׂערה his hairs H5403 כנשׁרין like eagles' H7236 רבה were grown H2953 וטפרוהי and his nails H6853 כצפרין׃ like birds'