Daniel 10:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H1472 וגויתו His body H8658 כתרשׁישׁ also like the beryl, H6440 ופניו and his face H4758 כמראה as the appearance H1300 ברק of lightning, H5869 ועיניו and his eyes H3940 כלפידי as lamps H784 אשׁ of fire, H2220 וזרעתיו and his arms H4772 ומרגלתיו and his feet H5869 כעין like in color H5178 נחשׁת brass, H7044 קלל to polished H6963 וקול and the voice H1697 דבריו of his words H6963 כקול like the voice H1995 המון׃ of a multitude.