2 Samuel 4:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H935 ויבאו For when they came H1004 הבית into the house, H1931 והוא he H7901 שׁכב lay H5921 על on H4296 מטתו his bed H2315 בחדר in his bedchamber, H4904 משׁכבו in his bedchamber, H5221 ויכהו and they smote H4191 וימתהו him, and slew H5493 ויסירו   H853 את   H7218 ראשׁו his head, H3947 ויקחו him, and took H853 את   H7218 ראשׁו   H1980 וילכו and got them away H1870 דרך through H6160 הערבה the plain H3605 כל all H3915 הלילה׃ night.