2 Samuel 3:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H7725 וישׁב was returned H74 אבנר And when Abner H2275 חברון to Hebron, H5186 ויטהו took him aside H3097 יואב Joab H413 אל in H8432 תוך in H8179 השׁער the gate H1696 לדבר to speak H854 אתו with H7987 בשׁלי him quietly, H5221 ויכהו and smote H8033 שׁם him there H2570 החמשׁ under the fifth H4191 וימת that he died, H1818 בדם for the blood H6214 עשׂה אל of Asahel H251 אחיו׃ his brother.