2 Samuel 19:28

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  28 H3588 כי For H3808 לא   H1961 היה were H3605 כל all H1004 בית house H1 אבי my father's H3588 כי but H518 אם but H376 אנשׁי men H4194 מות dead H113 לאדני my lord H4428 המלך the king: H7896 ותשׁת yet didst thou set H853 את   H5650 עבדך thy servant H398 באכלי among them that did eat H7979 שׁלחנך at thine own table. H4100 ומה What H3426 ישׁ therefore have H5750 לי עוד any more H6666 צדקה right H2199 ולזעק to cry H5750 עוד   H413 אל unto H4428 המלך׃ the king?