2 Samuel 17:18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  18 H7200 וירא saw H853 אתם   H5288 נער Nevertheless a lad H5046 ויגד them, and told H53 לאבשׁלם Absalom: H1980 וילכו but they went H8147 שׁניהם both H4120 מהרה of them away quickly, H935 ויבאו and came H413 אל to H1004 בית house H376 אישׁ a man's H980 בבחורים in Bahurim, H875 ולו באר which had a well H2691 בחצרו in his court; H3381 וירדו they went down. H8033 שׁם׃ whither