2 Samuel 13:36

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  36 H1961 ויהי And it came to pass, H3615 ככלתו as soon as he had made an end H1696 לדבר of speaking, H2009 והנה that, behold, H1121 בני sons H4428 המלך the king's H935 באו came, H5375 וישׂאו and lifted up H6963 קולם their voice H1058 ויבכו and wept: H1571 וגם also H4428 המלך and the king H3605 וכל and all H5650 עבדיו his servants H1058 בכו wept H1065 בכי   H1419 גדול sore. H3966 מאד׃ very