2 Samuel 11:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H5674 ויעבר was past, H60 האבל And when the mourning H7971 וישׁלח sent H1732 דוד David H622 ויאספה and fetched H413 אל her to H1004 ביתו his house, H1961 ותהי and she became H802 לו לאשׁה his wife, H3205 ותלד and bore H1121 לו בן him a son. H7489 וירע   H1697 הדבר But the thing H834 אשׁר that H6213 עשׂה had done H1732 דוד David H5869 בעיני displeased H3068 יהוה׃ the LORD.