2 Samuel 11:13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  13 H7121 ויקרא had called H1732 לו דוד And when David H398 ויאכל him, he did eat H6440 לפניו before H8354 וישׁת and drink H7937 וישׁכרהו him; and he made him drunk: H3318 ויצא he went out H6153 בערב and at even H7901 לשׁכב to lie H4904 במשׁכבו on his bed H5973 עם with H5650 עבדי the servants H113 אדניו of his lord, H413 ואל down to H1004 ביתו his house. H3808 לא not H3381 ירד׃ but went