2 Kings 5:13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  13 H5066 ויגשׁו came near, H5650 עבדיו And his servants H1696 וידברו and spoke H413 אליו unto H559 ויאמרו him, and said, H1 אבי My father, H1697 דבר thing, H1419 גדול thee great H5030 הנביא the prophet H1696 דבר had bid H413 אליך had bid H3808 הלוא wouldest thou not H6213 תעשׂה have done H637 ואף how much rather H3588 כי then, when H559 אמר he saith H413 אליך to H7364 רחץ thee, Wash, H2891 וטהר׃ and be clean?