2 Kings 5:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H5283 ונעמן Now Naaman, H8269 שׂר captain H6635 צבא of the host H4428 מלך of the king H758 ארם of Syria, H1961 היה was H376 אישׁ man H1419 גדול a great H6440 לפני with H113 אדניו his master, H5375 ונשׂא and honorable, H6440 פנים and honorable, H3588 כי because H5414 בו נתן had given H3068 יהוה by him the LORD H8668 תשׁועה deliverance H758 לארם unto Syria: H376 והאישׁ man H1961 היה he was H1368 גבור also a mighty H2428 חיל in valor, H6879 מצרע׃ a leper.