2 Kings 4:34

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  34 H5927 ויעל And he went up, H7901 וישׁכב and lay H5921 על upon H3206 הילד the child, H7760 וישׂם and put H6310 פיו his mouth H5921 על upon H6310 פיו his mouth, H5869 ועיניו and his eyes H5921 על upon H5869 עיניו his eyes, H3709 וכפיו and his hands H5921 על upon H3709 כפו his hands: H1457 ויגהר and he stretched H5921 עליו himself upon H2552 ויחם waxed warm. H1320 בשׂר the child; and the flesh H3206 הילד׃ of the child