2 Kings 25:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H4480 ומן And out of H5892 העיר the city H3947 לקח he took H5631 סריס officer H259 אחד an H834 אשׁר that H1931 הוא that H6496 פקיד was set H5921 על over H582 אנשׁי   H4421 המלחמה of war, H2568 וחמשׁה and five H582 אנשׁים   H7200 מראי of them that were H6440 פני presence, H4428 המלך in the king's H834 אשׁר which H4672 נמצאו were found H5892 בעיר in the city, H853 ואת   H5608 הספר scribe H8269 שׂר and the principal H6635 הצבא of the host, H6633 המצבא which mustered H853 את   H5971 עם the people H776 הארץ of the land, H8346 ושׁשׁים and threescore H376 אישׁ the men H5971 מעם of the people H776 הארץ of the land H4672 הנמצאים found H5892 בעיר׃ in the city: