2 Kings 10:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H935 ויבא And there came H4397 המלאך a messenger, H5046 ויגד and told H559 לו לאמר him, saying, H935 הביאו They have brought H7218 ראשׁי the heads H1121 בני sons. H4428 המלך of the king's H559 ויאמר And he said, H7760 שׂימו Lay H853 אתם   H8147 שׁני ye them in two H6652 צברים heaps H6607 פתח at the entering in H8179 השׁער of the gate H5704 עד until H1242 הבקר׃ the morning.