2 Chronicles 8:14

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  14 H5975 ויעמד And he appointed, H4941 כמשׁפט according to the order H1732 דויד of David H1 אביו his father, H853 את   H4256 מחלקות the courses H3548 הכהנים of the priests H5921 על to H5656 עבדתם their service, H3881 והלוים and the Levites H5921 על to H4931 משׁמרותם their charges, H1984 להלל to praise H8334 ולשׁרת and minister H5048 נגד before H3548 הכהנים the priests, H1697 לדבר as the duty H3117 יום of every day required: H3117 ביומו of every day required: H7778 והשׁוערים the porters H4256 במחלקותם also by their courses H8179 לשׁער at every gate: H8179 ושׁער at every gate: H3588 כי for H3651 כן so H4687 מצות commanded. H1732 דויד had David H376 אישׁ the man H430 האלהים׃ of God