2 Chronicles 6:23

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  23 H859 ואתה thou H8085 תשׁמע Then hear H4480 מן from H8064 השׁמים heaven, H6213 ועשׂית and do, H8199 ושׁפטת and judge H853 את   H5650 עבדיך thy servants, H7725 להשׁיב by requiting H7563 לרשׁע the wicked, H5414 לתת by recompensing H1870 דרכו his way H7218 בראשׁו upon his own head; H6663 ולהצדיק and by justifying H6662 צדיק the righteous, H5414 לתת by giving H6666 לו כצדקתו׃ him according to his righteousness.