2 Chronicles 35:22

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  22 H3808 ולא would not H5437 הסב turn H2977 יאשׁיהו Nevertheless Josiah H6440 פניו his face H4480 ממנו from H3588 כי him, but H3898 להלחם that he might fight H2664 בו התחפשׂ disguised himself, H3808 ולא not H8085 שׁמע with him, and hearkened H413 אל unto H1697 דברי the words H5224 נכו of Necho H6310 מפי from the mouth H430 אלהים of God, H935 ויבא and came H3898 להלחם to fight H1237 בבקעת in the valley H4023 מגדו׃ of Megiddo.