2 Chronicles 28:15

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  15 H6965 ויקמו rose up, H376 האנשׁים And the men H834 אשׁר which H5344 נקבו were expressed H8034 בשׁמות by name H2388 ויחזיקו and took H7633 בשׁביה the captives, H3605 וכל all H4636 מערמיהם that were naked H3847 הלבישׁו clothed H4480 מן and with H7998 השׁלל the spoil H3847 וילבשׁום among them, and arrayed H5274 וינעלום them, and shod H398 ויאכלום them, and gave them to eat H8248 וישׁקום and to drink, H5480 ויסכום and anointed H5095 וינהלום them, and carried H2543 בחמרים of them upon asses, H3605 לכל all H3782 כושׁל the feeble H935 ויביאום and brought H3405 ירחו them to Jericho, H5892 עיר   H8558 התמרים   H681 אצל to H251 אחיהם their brethren: H7725 וישׁובו then they returned H8111 שׁמרון׃ to Samaria.