2 Chronicles 20:25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H935 ויבא came H3092 יהושׁפט And when Jehoshaphat H5971 ועמו and his people H962 לבז to take away H853 את   H7998 שׁללם the spoil H4672 וימצאו of them, they found H7230 בהם לרב among them in abundance H7399 ורכושׁ both riches H6297 ופגרים with the dead bodies, H3627 וכלי jewels, H2530 חמדות and precious H5337 וינצלו which they stripped off H369 להם לאין for themselves, more than H4853 משׂא they could carry away: H1961 ויהיו and they were H3117 ימים days H7969 שׁלושׁה three H962 בזזים in gathering H853 את   H7998 השׁלל of the spoil, H3588 כי   H7227 רב was so much. H1931 הוא׃ it