1 Samuel 8:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H7760 ולשׂום And he will appoint H8269 לו שׂרי him captains H505 אלפים over thousands, H8269 ושׂרי and captains H2572 חמשׁים over fifties; H2790 ולחרשׁ and to ear H2758 חרישׁו his ground, H7114 ולקצר and to reap H7105 קצירו his harvest, H6213 ולעשׂות and to make H3627 כלי his instruments H4421 מלחמתו of war, H3627 וכלי and instruments H7393 רכבו׃ of his chariots.