1 Samuel 4:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H3618 וכלתו And his daughter-in-law, H802 אשׁת wife, H6372 פינחס Phinehas' H2030 הרה was with child, H3205 ללת to be delivered: H8085 ותשׁמע and when she heard H853 את   H8052 השׁמעה the tidings H413 אל   H3947 הלקח was taken, H727 ארון that the ark H430 האלהים of God H4191 ומת were dead, H2524 חמיה and that her father-in-law H376 ואישׁה and her husband H3766 ותכרע she bowed herself H3205 ותלד and travailed; H3588 כי for H2015 נהפכו came H5921 עליה upon H6735 צריה׃ her pains