1 Samuel 30:22-24

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  22 H6030 ויען Then answered H3605 כל all H376 אישׁ men H7451 רע the wicked H1100 ובליעל and of Belial, H376 מהאנשׁים of those H834 אשׁר that H1980 הלכו went H5973 עם with H1732 דוד David, H559 ויאמרו and said, H3282 יען   H834 אשׁר that H3808 לא not H1980 הלכו they went H5973 עמי with H3808 לא us, we will not H5414 נתן give H7998 להם מהשׁלל them of the spoil H834 אשׁר   H5337 הצלנו we have recovered, H3588 כי save H518 אם save H376 אישׁ to every man H853 את   H802 אשׁתו his wife H853 ואת   H1121 בניו and his children, H5090 וינהגו that they may lead away, H1980 וילכו׃ and depart.
  23 H559 ויאמר Then said H1732 דוד David, H3808 לא Ye shall not H6213 תעשׂו do H3651 כן so, H251 אחי my brethren, H854 את with H834 אשׁר that which H5414 נתן hath given H3068 יהוה the LORD H8104 לנו וישׁמר us, who hath preserved H853 אתנו   H5414 ויתן us, and delivered H853 את   H1416 הגדוד the company H935 הבא that came H5921 עלינו against H3027 בידנו׃ us into our hand.
  24 H4310 ומי For who H8085 ישׁמע will hearken H1697 לכם לדבר matter? H2088 הזה unto you in this H3588 כי but H2506 כחלק as his part H3381 הירד that goeth down H4421 במלחמה to the battle, H2506 וכחלק so his part H3427 הישׁב that tarrieth H5921 על by H3627 הכלים the stuff: H3162 יחדו alike. H2505 יחלקו׃ they shall part