1 Samuel 28:20

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  20 H4116 וימהר straightway H7586 שׁאול Then Saul H5307 ויפל fell H4393 מלא all along H6967 קומתו all along H776 ארצה on the earth, H3372 וירא afraid, H3966 מאד and was sore H1697 מדברי because of the words H8050 שׁמואל of Samuel: H1571 גם and H3581 כח strength H3808 לא no H1961 היה there was H3588 בו כי in him; for H3808 לא no H398 אכל he had eaten H3899 לחם bread H3605 כל all H3117 היום the day, H3605 וכל nor all H3915 הלילה׃ the night.