1 Samuel 25:42

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  42 H4116 ותמהר hasted, H6965 ותקם and arose, H26 אביגיל And Abigail H7392 ותרכב and rode H5921 על upon H2543 החמור an ass, H2568 וחמשׁ with five H5291 נערתיה damsels H1980 ההלכות of hers that went H7272 לרגלה after H1980 ותלך her; and she went H310 אחרי after H4397 מלאכי the messengers H1732 דוד of David, H1961 ותהי and became H802 לו לאשׁה׃ his wife.