1 Samuel 25:36

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  36 H935 ותבא came H26 אביגיל And Abigail H413 אל to H5037 נבל Nabal; H2009 והנה and, behold, H4960 לו משׁתה he held a feast H1004 בביתו in his house, H4960 כמשׁתה like the feast H4428 המלך of a king; H3820 ולב heart H5037 נבל and Nabal's H2896 טוב merry H5921 עליו within H1931 והוא him, for he H7910 שׁכר drunken: H5704 עד very H3966 מאד very H3808 ולא him nothing, H5046 הגידה wherefore she told H1697 לו דבר him nothing, H6996 קטן less H1419 וגדול or more, H5704 עד until H216 אור light. H1242 הבקר׃ the morning