1 Samuel 25:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H8034 ושׁם Now the name H376 האישׁ of the man H5037 נבל Nabal; H8034 ושׁם and the name H802 אשׁתו of his wife H26 אבגיל Abigail: H802 והאשׁה and a woman H2896 טובת of good H7922 שׂכל understanding, H3303 ויפת and of a beautiful H8389 תאר countenance: H376 והאישׁ but the man H7186 קשׁה churlish H7451 ורע and evil H4611 מעללים in his doings; H1931 והוא and he H3820 כלבו׃