1 Samuel 25:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H376 ואישׁ And a man H4584 במעון in Maon, H4639 ומעשׂהו whose possessions H3760 בכרמל in Carmel; H376 והאישׁ and the man H1419 גדול great, H3966 מאד very H6629 ולו צאן sheep, H7969 שׁלשׁת and he had three H505 אלפים thousand H505 ואלף and a thousand H5795 עזים goats: H1961 ויהי and he was H1494 בגזז shearing H853 את   H6629 צאנו his sheep H3760 בכרמל׃ in Carmel.