1 Samuel 21:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H6030 ויען answered H1732 דוד And David H853 את   H3548 הכהן the priest, H559 ויאמר and said H3588 לו כי though H518 אם   H802 אשׁה a truth women H6113 עצרה kept H8543 לנו כתמול days, H8032 שׁלשׁם from us about these three H3318 בצאתי since I came out, H1961 ויהיו   H3627 כלי and the vessels H5288 הנערים of the young men H6944 קדשׁ are holy, H1931 והוא   H1870 דרך and in a manner H2455 חל common, H637 ואף yea, H3588 כי   H3117 היום this day H6942 יקדשׁ it were sanctified H3627 בכלי׃ in the vessel.