1 Samuel 20:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H518 אם If H6485 פקד at all miss H6485 יפקדני at all miss H1 אביך thy father H559 ואמרת me, then say, H7592 נשׁאל earnestly asked H7592 נשׁאל earnestly asked H4480 ממני of H1732 דוד David H7323 לרוץ me that he might run H1035 בית לחם to Bethlehem H5892 עירו his city: H3588 כי for H2077 זבח sacrifice H3117 הימים a yearly H8033 שׁם there H3605 לכל for all H4940 המשׁפחה׃ the family.