1 Samuel 20:34

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  34 H6965 ויקם arose H3083 יהונתן So Jonathan H5973 מעם from H7979 השׁלחן the table H2750 בחרי in fierce H639 אף anger, H3808 ולא no H398 אכל and did eat H3117 ביום day H2320 החדשׁ of the month: H8145 השׁני the second H3899 לחם meat H3588 כי for H6087 נעצב he was grieved H413 אל for H1732 דוד David, H3588 כי because H3637 הכלמו had done him shame. H1 אביו׃ his father